Adventure has been the primary driving force in my life for as long as I can remember and as the youngest member of the McCann Clan I’ve had the challenging task of trying to keep up with my family for the past thirty years! My parents and brothers (Niall and Rory) are huge sources of inspiration for me and I very much define myself by being a member of this wonderful family.

Early expeditions with the family included canoeing the Yukon River, circumnavigating Iceland by bike, cycling the highest road in the world, and sailing some of the worlds most treacherous seas in the Southern Ocean. By my late teens however, climbing had revealed itself as the discipline I was most passionate about pursuing.

Over the past two decades I’ve been on more than thirty overseas expeditions with ascents of high altitude mountains in the Himalayas, multi-day big walls, and technical Alpine mixed routes. Back in the UK I’ve thrown myself into the technical rock climbing scene and climbed trad E8, sport 8a and bouldered V10.

Very keen to avoid becoming a one-trick pony I’ve also pursued a number of other adventure disciplines including Arctic travel, snowboard mountaineering, highlining, and more recently speedflying. 

Along with my brother Rory I work trying to inspire kids and adults alike to pursue their dreams and always aim high. If you’re interested in our organisation please visit our website www.talkonthewildside.com.

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