Arctic AIR

It’s been some time since I last uploaded a blog entry onto here, so it’s time to remedy that! I’ll be writing a few times over the next few weeks with various updates, but to begin with… What happened in Greenland?

Well, in a nutshell, we had the adventure of a lifetime. Having picked out the perfect base using satellite imagery, Niall and I flew out to Kulusuk on the East coast of Greenland with the task of finding our way out to our intended camp.  We finally made it by means of snowmobile, boat, and a long ski down a frozen fjord. Our base camp was perched on a steep sided moraine in the middle of a gargantuan valley, the scale of which we never quite got our heads around, with monstrous peaks rising thousands of feet out of the sweeping white and blue glaciers. Totally surreal, and we had the place to ourselves.

                                Niall McCann en route to our base camp  Niall McCann man hauling on day 1

                                Base Camp  The Foxes Jaw

Over the next ten days Niall and I basically just ran around having as much fun as we could. We summited two beautiful, unnamed peaks and flew off the very tops of each with our speedwings. We had three more flights from high mountain slopes, which proved to be rather more dramatic than we had planned. We made the first ascent of a 100m ice cascade which we named ‘The Ephemeral Avalanche’ and went at around Scottish V/VI. And we spent the rest of our time downhill skiing, kite-skiing, eating Haribo, and exploring the local ice caves!

                                Fox's Jaw Approach  Finn McCann on 'The Ephemeral Avalanche' Pitch 2

                                Niall and Finn McCann climbing a new route  Niall and Finn McCann on an unnamed summit

                                Finn McCann flying  Niall McCann flying

                               Fox's Jaw Climbing  Niall McCann on an unnamed peak  Finn McCann climbing a new route in Greenland

                                Polar Bear tracks  Niall and Finn McCann

If you’d like to read a more detailed account of the expedition follow this link to an article I wrote for UKClimbing:

Below is the trailer for ‘Arctic AIR’ which will be released in the next few months. Huge thanks to WillCopestakeMedia who produced the film and to Tom Adams for providing the most beautiful soundtrack. Whack the volume up and enjoy it in full HD.

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