Twists, turns, bumps and bruises

I’ve just re-read the last line from my last post, which I wrote around a year and a half ago. “Looking forward to more flights over the coming months!” It feels peculiar reading those words now. They are the words of someone who was hugely motivated by speedflying. Someone who was excited about progressing onto […]

Air Time

As the title of this post would suggest I’ve managed to get out on the speedwing a little more so far this year. Niall and I had a stunningly beautiful flight off the summit of Snowdon in very snowy conditions and almost nil winds. We flew down to the lower lake – on the east […]

Patago-New Year

Rather than heading up to Scotland to celebrate the New Year as I traditionally do, this year I flew out to Patagonia for a smash and grab trip to the stunningly beautiful and epically steep Fitzroy Massif! The trip was my climbing partner Wilki’s idea and sadly is likely to be our last serious adventure […]

Road Trippin’ to Norway

Until recently, when I’ve pondered over the best trips that I’ve ever been on, I’ve tended to pick out those that were most challenging or those that carry with them the most accolade. Nowadays though, I appreciate that challenge and accolade are not necessary to make a trip. This summer, Lucy and I drove from […]

What doesn’t kill you …

It’s been a few months now since I returned from my last trip to the mountains and I’m still digesting all the events that took place. Ultimately, we failed to achieve what we set out to do. But was the trip a failure? That is a very subjective question. Back in October 2014 Wilki and […]

Shropshire Shenanigans

It’s the middle of winter. The days are short. The weather inclement. My finger injury persists. But fear not! Fun can be found even in the darkest of times. Here’s a short film documenting some mid-winter McCantics (guest appearance from Glen Harper) in our wonderful home county Shropshire. Speedflying and highline slacklining… enjoy! ——————– ——————– ——————–  In […]

Fight and Flight

Last year I sustained some serious tendon damage to my right hand meaning that I was forced to take 12 months out from rock climbing. At first I was understandably devastated as rock climbing brings me so much happiness and fulfilment on a regular basis, but it wasn’t long before I opened my eyes to […]

Arctic AIR

It’s been some time since I last uploaded a blog entry onto here, so it’s time to remedy that! I’ll be writing a few times over the next few weeks with various updates, but to begin with… What happened in Greenland? Well, in a nutshell, we had the adventure of a lifetime. Having picked out […]