Air Time

As the title of this post would suggest I’ve managed to get out on the speedwing a little more so far this year. Niall and I had a stunningly beautiful flight off the summit of Snowdon in very snowy conditions and almost nil winds. We flew down to the lower lake – on the east […]

Patago-New Year

Rather than heading up to Scotland to celebrate the New Year as I traditionally do, this year I flew out to Patagonia for a smash and grab trip to the stunningly beautiful and epically steep Fitzroy Massif! The trip was my climbing partner Wilki’s idea and sadly is likely to be our last serious adventure […]

Road Trippin’ to Norway

Until recently, when I’ve pondered over the best trips that I’ve ever been on, I’ve tended to pick out those that were most challenging or those that carry with them the most accolade. Nowadays though, I appreciate that challenge and accolade are not necessary to make a trip. This summer, Lucy and I drove from […]