Air Time

As the title of this post would suggest I’ve managed to get out on the speedwing a little more so far this year. Niall and I had a stunningly beautiful flight off the summit of Snowdon in very snowy conditions and almost nil winds. We flew down to the lower lake – on the east side of the mountain – covering 2.4km and losing 625m of height.

——————Niall Snowdon Flight  Finn Snowdon Flight

We also had a fun morning flying on our local hill Caradoc with our friends Dan and Nida. This was Dan’s first flight back after an accident which left him with a broken cheek bone, six fractures to his jaw and a few wonky teeth; so it was great to see him on the wing again getting back into the swing of things!

The flying highlight so far this year was a flight off the summit of Crib y Ddysgl (Snowdon’s sister summit) with Waldo Etherington. We flew down the north side of the mountain into the Llanberis Valley with a total descent of 900m (2950ft) in approximately 2 minutes! The video below is my head cam footage from this flight.

Looking forward to more flights over the coming months as things start to warm up and the winds start to calm (he says optimistically!)


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