Road Trippin’ to Norway

Until recently, when I’ve pondered over the best trips that I’ve ever been on, I’ve tended to pick out those that were most challenging or those that carry with them the most accolade. Nowadays though, I appreciate that challenge and accolade are not necessary to make a trip.

This summer, Lucy and I drove from our home here in Shropshire up to Norway; visiting friends, seeing the beautiful sights and enjoying each other’s company for a month on the road. It was without a doubt one of the absolute best adventures I have ever had, and has reinforced my new approach to planning trips around having fun ‘In the moment’ rather than only in hindsight!

Here’s a short film of our road trip and a few photos from our favourite locations.

——————Lucy in the Jotunheimen  Finn in Jotunheimen

——————Lucy on the Besseggen Ridge  Lucy on the banks of the Rauma

——————Nordic camping  Lucy relaxing in Geirangerfjord

——————Lucy somewhere in the Jostedalsbreen  Finn at the top of a beautiful valley in the Jostedalsbreen

——————Lucy on the Trolltunga  Lucy and Finn


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