Shropshire Shenanigans

It’s the middle of winter. The days are short. The weather inclement. My finger injury persists.

But fear not! Fun can be found even in the darkest of times. Here’s a short film documenting some mid-winter McCantics (guest appearance from Glen Harper) in our wonderful home county Shropshire. Speedflying and highline slacklining… enjoy!

——————–Nesscliffe highlining Finn McCann highline slacklining at Nesscliffe——————–Rory McCann on the Nesscliffe Highline Glen Harper highlining——————–Finn McCann on the Nesscliffe highline slackline Nesscliffe Highline

In other good news. Our film ‘Arctic AIR’ documenting Niall’s and my adventures in Greenland has been short-listed for the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, the Adventure Travel Film Festival, and the Echo Mountain Film Festival… in Macedonia! If you’re interested in viewing it yourself please visit Arctic AIR- SteepEdge where you can rent or download it for a very reasonable price!

A big well done also to my Mammut team mate Ethan Walker who has just won the 2014 Trespass Blog Awards! Nice one Ethan!



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